Alexis Gulemmo (2)

Alexis Gulemmo

Human Resources Director


When Alexis joined the JBC and Janou Pakter family of brands, she was given the opportunity to develop and implement a human resources structure to match the rapid growth and maturation of the company. Today she is proud to say that JBC/JP sets a high standard as an established, employee-oriented culture where work-life balance isn’t just a buzzword. She leads an HR department dedicated to administering solution-based problem-solving and management of human capital for internal employees and freelancers onsite with clients.

Every member of the JBC/JP family has the same opportunity to pave their way based on their professional strengths and ultimate career goals, and Alexis makes sure that everyone is supported in those goals along the way through continuous training and forums, personalized metric strategy, hands-on employee relations management, and accountability on execution.