About Us

When you work with Janou Pakter, you are tapping into a carefully curated leadership network that reaches global markets.

We have assembled a team of the most influential connectors across all consumer businesses who specialize in building relationships with handpicked talent. 

Our Story

Driven by innovative solutions, Janou Pakter has delivered exceptional placement outcomes for more than 30 years. We have a proven track record of providing results for renowned companies across the most celebrated industries. 

Candidates receive as much of our efforts as our clients, which allows us to cultivate a network of tightly-knit relationships with high-level professionals. We get to know the kind of work that is most meaningful to them, make the connections to the right opportunities, and stay engaged with them throughout their career journey.

We are uniquely talented at proactively building connections before a client even comes looking for someone—curating a strong selection of candidates from that network.


Our Approach

We are gifted at delivering the kind of results our clients come to us for—whether it's executives seeking career opportunities or brands seeking superb top management.

By understanding our clients’ needs and the type of work that is most meaningful to candidates, we make connections to the right opportunities. Our relationship-based search process has earned us an excellent placement rate and repeat business with continuous, close partnerships.

This deeply engaged approach and our team of influential connectors continue to cultivate a network of long-lasting professional relationships. We operate with absolute discretion, integrity, and care while ensuring luxury services that help companies build superior teams.

Our Clients

Impactful Leadership Begins & Ends with Janou Pakter