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Janou Pakter's Consumer Practice has the incredible privilege of working with the world’s best and most iconic companies and brands. At a time of great disruption and ever-increasing demands from shareholders, consumer companies need transformational leadership. Our expertise lies in accessing and identifying top external talent globally. No matter where you operate within the consumer products and services realm, having the right leadership at the helm is essential. The global Consumer Products and Services practice group of Janou Pakter is focused entirely on consumer brands across retail, services and product. The practice group is structured into four distinct sectors: luxury products and services, retail and distribution services, Products and fast-moving consumer goods and travel, hospitality, and leisure.




Advertising & Marketing

Health & Wellness


Food and Beverage


Private Equity / VC

Janou Pakter’s Venture Capital and Private Equity Executive Search Practice places the world’s best leaders in early and growth-stage companies. We have unfettered access to leaders who have repeatedly proven themselves in this environment.

We support the human capital strategies of our private equity clients through an integrated suite of service offerings, enabling firms and their portfolio companies to leverage talent to mitigate risk and accelerate value creation.

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Seed stage funding

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Janou Pakter’s Technology Practice has extensive experience helping organizations navigate today’s battle for IT talent that will determine the success or failure of growth initiatives. The tech talent market is among the most competitive job markets today. Competition for skilled software engineers, Java and C++ developers, tech support personnel, big data analysts, AI engineers, and technology leadership demands sophisticated workforce solutions to attract and retain quality tech talent.

To be successful in facing these new challenges brought by increasing globalization, businesses across these industries must harness the significant opportunities technology offers – both now and in the future. To properly embrace this new frontier of global technological growth, these companies need innovative leaders with the vision, foresight, and strategic capabilities to drive growth, identify new revenue streams, and transform existing business models.

Cloud, Big Data, Analytics/BI

Software and Applications

Consumer tech

Hardware & Systems

User Experience & Product Design

User Research

Digital Marketing / Marketing Automation, AEM, Data, SEO, Analytics

IT (Infrastructure, Development, PMO)



Digital, Media, Entertainment & Sports

In the digital era of constant change, media companies need to be agile, creative and able to adapt in order to succeed. The shift in power from distributors of content to consumers is leading to innovative business models and the need to develop deeper consumer insights is greater than ever before.

The media and entertainment industries have seen a great deal of change in the last decade. Technology has completely transformed how we consume information, leading to the creation of entirely new sectors and platforms. The internet of things (IOT), mobile capability and social networking are changing how, where and when we consume information. Media and entertainment companies must develop and execute strategies to keep up with the rapidly-evolving marketplace.

Janou Pakter’s Digital, Media, Entertainment & Sports practice has an impressive track record of recruiting mid-level to senior executives. Our clients represent the full spectrum of companies within the converging media industries: cable, broadcast, publishing, studios (AAA, Indie & VR), emerging technologies, music, sport, mobile and social media.






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